My Story in the Culinary World.

A brief history of my adventures, successes

and triumphs in the world of good food.


​I started my cooking carreer in 1978, after graduating from The culinary Institute of California. I proceed into a 2 year apprentiship program which allowed me to work under the direction of world class famous Chefs. Durning that time, I developed a love for classic American Comfort Food, which I intended and made my specialty. I was trained in the classic French method of food preparation, but found it not to be satisfying to me. After all, I didn’t live in France, and had no intentions of living there. I started to study American food, and realized it truely is a melting pot of all nations on earth. I decided to spend my carreer perfecting comfort food, from everything I learned all over this country. From Kansas City and Texas BBQ, to Creole and cajun fron the south, to the simple, yet elegant foods of the Northeast, the Great Plains states, to even ethnic spin-offs from Mexico, Canada, and across the oceans. This is my gift to you, the knowledge I have gathered over the last 35 years. I truely hope I have made these recipes easy enough to follow, so everybody will be able to enjoy AMERICAN COMFORT FOOD! Stay Hungry My Friends!


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