A Grand Welcome to my Comfort Food World!

Now that I have a few peoples attention, I do believe it’s time to introduce myself. 

                My name is Chef Bob, I’m  currently retired due to physical health concerns, but that does not stop me from preparing great comfort food at home, and providing help and answers to people who want to learn how to prepare five star quality food at home.  If you have any questions, or see something posted you don’t understand feel free to contact me via email at chefbob@chef.net, or posting a reply to me in the comments section.


                I can explain everything from calibrating your oven temperature to seasoning cast iron cookware.  I know what equipment and utensils you should have in your kitchen, staples in your pantry’s, the best way to prepare food for freezing, and the best ways to defrost said products.  Breading techniques, tips, methods, and measure conversion.  In some cases, I’ll explain how to do something, other times I may provide a link to a website with a video or pictures explaining your concerns.


                In the meantime, I’ll continue posting from my extensive collection of 3000+ recipes I have used, borrowed, created and tested in service over the last 35 years.  I hope you find these enjoyable, tasty, and easy to prepare.  I’m always trying new techniques, methods, and styles of sumptuous food preparation and will pass along successful endeavors. 

                Again, let me welcome you to my food blog, and please enjoy your stay.  Remember, Stay Hungry My Friends!  Chef Bob.





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